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We're now delivering 3 days a week!

 Invercargill and Winton, Tuesdays and  Fridays

 Riverton on Tuesdays

 Queenstown, Arrowtown,

Te Anau, and Kingston on Thursday.



 Straight from the cow.


Plastic Bottles Saved from Landfill

When you buy from us, you purchase your glass bottles the first time you order. The following weeks you simply purchase the milk and we swap empty bottles for full ones. Together we're saving thousands of plastic bottles from going to landfill!

About Raw Milk...



It is often easier to talk about what raw milk is not. It is not pasteurised as this destroys all the active enzymes and immunological factors present.  (same way that breast is best for baby). Raw milk is also not homogenised as this process alters the structure of the fat molecules within the milk forcing them into tiny molecules to stop the fat (cream) rising to the top of the bottle and creating a cream line which lets you know how old the milk is. (The only reason to homogenise mlk is to hide the age so that the consumer is happy to buy old milk. It doesn't extend shelf life.) Raw Milk is not standardised.

When milk leaves the cow in New Zealand it has a solids (protein and fat) content of around 8.6% For a product to be called milk in New Zealand it needs a solids content of 6%. When you read the nutritional information panels on the side of your supermarket milk you discover that the solids content is usually around 6.3% to 6.6% In the last year our milk has been as high as 12% solids. Our milk has nothing added to it. - No permeate- Permeate is a byproduct of cheese manufacture, as it originates as milk it is not required to be listed on the ingredients label. If the Supermarket milk you use is not labeled Permeate free, there is a good chance it contains a significant amount of permeate.