Why raw milk?

What is the difference between Raw milk and conventional "Supermarket Milk"?

What is Homogenisation? What does it do?

Is Raw Milk safe?


We could say, we love things the old fashioned way. Raw milk is packed full of flavour and is thick and creamy, making is perfect for drinking, cooking and baking. We believe food is best when it's closest to it's natural form, with minimal processing. and like lots of other dairy families we use our own milk. BUT there is much more to Raw Milk!

Our milk is fresh to you just a few hours after harvest. It has higher protein and fat content that standardised milk. We handle it gently so the fat molecules are not bashed with high pressure to change their structure ( this is what Homogenisation does) The purpose of Homogenising milk is to distribute the fat molecules evenly through the milk to stop the cream rising to the top. This effectively hides the age of the milk on the supermarket shelf. The milk can be several days old  before it reaches the supermarket shelf. The cream line in the milk always give you a visual indication as to the quality of the milk.

Our milk has nothing added to it, no permeates or by products of cheese making, as can often be found in supermarket milk. These items  do not have to be declared on the label.(Fair Go documented this 2017 )  Milk has to have 6% milk solids to be legally called milk. The dairy farm average in New Zealand is around 8.6% Over the last year our solids content has been up to 12%  Check out the nutritional analysis label on the milk you buy in the supermarket, you may be surprised at what is not in it and what is.

We often hear that people with allergies to "Supermarket Milk", exczema or other issues benefit from raw milk. Check it out for yourself

By law, we must tell you that raw milk may contain harmful micro-organisms that can cause serious illness. Raw milk should be heated to at least 70 degrees celsius for one minute. This is critical for infants, young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with weakened immunity systems. Raw milk must be stored at 4 degrees or below.

Our raw milk herd of cows are strictly disease free and our milk is independently tested regularly for a whole range of nasties. If our testing finds a delivery batch that is outside normal parameters. We will notify you by email and then text or phone.

This link will give you information about the rules of Raw Consumer Supply Milk  https://www.mpi.govt.nz

http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/ This is also an interesting site for more information about raw milk and if it is right for you.

What does my milk come in?

When you order your milk, you have the option of buying a 1 litre glass bottle with a cap. If it's your first time ordering, please buy a bottle. When your milk is all finished, give the bottle back and we can refill it for you. Wash it out ready for refilling, before giving it back to us, then we'll pop it through our steriliser before it gets refilled. Please send back the caps on the bottles. We also fill other containers and stainless cans if these are dropped off in advance. 

How do I order it? 

Simply by clicking the Order Now button below! You order and pay through this website, choose your pick up or delivery option and we'll sort the rest.