Delivery into Te Anau?

We need a commitment of around 80 litres in a delivery for this to be feasible. Proposed delivery day is a Wednesday.

We are one of three farms in Southland registered for the supply of direct to consumer raw milk.  We operate under strict hygiene protocols with much lower testing limits than ordinary factory supply milk and are independently audited. Our milk is tested regularly for hygiene, somatic cells and contamination. Raw milk has much higher "milk solids" than supermarket milk and is only a few hours old when delivered. Many people who have allergies or eczema report improvements using raw milk.  

If you are interested in a weekly supply of delicious raw milk, please complete the form below. The standard delivery charge of $4.50 per delivery stop. The actual cost of the milk will be $2.50 per litre. If we get more orders, we will be able to reduce the cost of delivery. By law, milk must be ordered in advance and prepaid before it leaves the farm, therefore we need the commitment from you to make it happen.